An update on Syria and the escalating violence in the region

The violence in Syria is leading to more people being displaced and finding themselves refugees

 “We stand in solidarity with our Syrian brothers and sisters demanding that no lives should be lost and no civilian should be targeted.” 

There have been weeks of fresh violence in Syria with a suspected chemical attack in Idlib province, along with bomb explosions and shelling in Damascus.

Only a few days ago more than 70 people, including dozens of women and children, died in the town of Khan Sheikhoun in what medical agencies believe was likely a sarin gas attack.

It has now been announced that the US has launched a brutal military strike on Syria in the wake of these chemical attacks. President Donald Trump has announced that approximately 60 Tomahawk cruise missiles to be launched on al-Shayrat military airfield near Homs where it is suspected the gas attack originated from.

“Chemical attacks in Syria over the last few days are an abhorrent breach of the rights of many Syrian women, men and children that lost their lives or were affected by the attacks,” Director of JRS Australia Carolina Gottardo. “However, air strikes which potentially affect areas where civilians live or work, do not constitute an appropriate response as they can escalate violence and cause the displacement of more innocent people. We urge the Australian government not to join the US-led strike. The priority should be the protection of the human rights of all Syrians and stopping the bloodshed.”

These new waves of violence come after twin bomb explosions near a popular shrine only weeks ago and heavy rocket and mortar attacks in the Al-Abbassyin square, Kassaa, Bab-Touma, Mazraa and Jaramana neighbourhoods of Damascus.

The JRS Communications Officer from Damascus informed us at the time of these bombings that, “Jaramana where the Alberto Hurtado JRS Centre is located was also a target of the shelling this morning. Fortunately, none of the JRS staff or Centres have been affected. In Damascus, none of the JRS Staff could reach Office/Centres because of the severe clashes outside.”

JRS continue to make a fervent appeal to all factions to eschew all violence immediately and to ensure safety and security for all Syrians and lasting peace for the whole of Syria.

“We stand in solidarity with our Syrian brothers and sisters demanding that no lives should be lost and no civilian should be targeted,” Carolina said.

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