Share Cards2Connect this Christmas and empower people seeking asylum

christmas card portraits of people seeking asylum

“We want the community to know who we are and what we can do,” said Kevin, a man seeking asylum

This Christmas we’re asking you to share our Cards2Connect and help empower people seeking asylum.

Each card features a photo of a person seeking asylum, creating a series of portraits that shares their courageous human spirit, giving them a face.

“We want the community to know who we are and what we can do,” said Kevin, a man seeking asylum, whose sons are featured on a gift card for school enrolment fees. “You never know what these children will grow up to be and how much they will contribute to Australia”.

How it works

To empower people seeking asylum, we’re asking for your help to sell these cards in your workplace, school, church or with family and friends.

When people purchase these cards from you, they’ll be buying a gift that gives twice. All money raised will make a tangible difference to the lives of people seeking asylum by providing them with food, school enrolment fees, medical supplies, gardening tools and other essentials.

More importantly, we hope, that by giving people seeking asylum a face, we’ll be able to change the conversation around refugee issues,

To get you started, we’ll send you a free pack of cards with detailed instructions. We’ll give you all the support you need and when you’re finished, you can send us back any cards that weren’t sold.

Contact us to order your cards

How to sell Cards2Connect in your community

  1. Call 9356 3888 or email and let us know your name and address as well as how many cards you would like (a standard variety pack is 20 cards or you can custom order).
  2. Sell at your workplace, school, church or on social media.We suggest setting up a table at the back of your church or in the staff room at work and letting people know you’ll be selling cards and when.
  3. Collect payments through the following options:
  • Cash – Collect cash from sales and write details of anyone wanting ?a receipt, using our receipt forms which we’ll send with your cards.
  • Credit Card/Debit Card – use our donation forms which we will send with your cards to collect payments through credit or debit cards.
  • Direct Deposit – individuals can donate via direct deposit through ?our website if they prefer:
  1. Send in payment via post to?Jesuit Refugee Service Australia PO Box 522?Kings Cross, NSW 1340

When you order Cards2Connect we’ll send you a pack with resources to help you. These include:

We’re here to answer any further information about donations, please feel free to call us on 02 9356 3888.

What if I just want to buy a card?

If selling cards doesn’t sound like your thing, you can purchase a card directly from us by calling 9356 3888 or emailing

The cards

There is a range of gorgeous cards each valued differently depending on what gift they’ll provide a person seeking asylum including:

  • $10 buys seeds and a trowel
  • $20 buys rice for a family
  • $40 buys medical supplies
  • $80 pays for a white card course in construction
  • $100 pays for school enrolment fees

See the cards

Contact us to order your cards

Let’s share a positive message about people seeking asylum this Christmas and remind one another that it is never too late to support each other, building connections based on love, compassion, and solidarity.

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