Lost & Found – Saul’s Story

Saul's guitar. Photo: Lisa Hogben/CMRC

Saul’s guitar. Photo: Lisa Hogben/CMRC

Saul has always loved music and playing guitar.

Saul has always loved music and playing guitar.

One night after performing in his capital city of Bujumbura, a lady approached him and offered a unique gift – a brand new guitar. His mysterious benefactor was from Australia. Saul now calls this guitar  – “ my closest friend”.

No one in Saul’s family was musical so he taught himself how to play guitar. Music soon became his life. However his musical aspirations at home were interrupted after members of Sauls’ family joined the opposition party and were soon targeted by the government. All the family were now under threat – either be jailed or be killed.

So Saul has applied for asylum in Australia.

Now separated from his family, he keeps his guitar close to him at all times. He has enrolled in music study at UTS and hopes to release an album this year.

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