LINK Christmas edition 2019: out now!

LINK is JRS Australia’s quarterly publication.

In this Christmas edition, Carolina Gottardo (JRS Australia Director and *CAPSA Co-Convener) provides details concerning offshore detention in Port Moresby via her first-hand account of visiting the men of Manus Island.

This edition also features a special reflection by Father Peter Smith (Justice and Peace Promoter for the Justice and Peace Office of the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney).

The JRS Australia Team, Maeve Brown (JRS’ Service Manager) and Nicole Ascaino (JRS Caseworker) also give telling insights into JRS Australia’s work in directly serving and accompanying people seeking asylum ‘on the ground’ at our Westmead Community Space of welcome.

Read it here.

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*CAPSA: Catholic Alliance for People Seeking Asylum.
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