Work with us.

Thank you for your interest in working with JRS! We seek volunteers and staff who share our vision of serving, accompanying and advocating for the rights of refugees, people seeking asylum and other forcibly displaced people and who are prepared for its often challenging and complex tasks.

Essential qualities of JRS staff members and volunteers include maturity, considerable flexibility of temperament and a capacity to understand refugees and their circumstances without losing objectivity. Additionally, staff and volunteers must have a:

  • commitment to training others
  • capacity for teamwork and community living
  • precise professional expertise
  • commitment to human rights, equality and non-discriminatory practices

JRS volunteers and staff may come from diverse backgrounds and different walks of life.

Current Vacancies.

Updated as positions become available.

Volunteering Opportunities.

During COVID-19, JRS Australia would really value the help of more volunteers in various roles surrounding our JRS foodbank that delivers food to people seeking asylum and refugees. For more details, please email our JRS Volunteers Coordinator, Jane Turner:

Please note, the COVID-19 crisis means that we cannot currently accept Volunteers in high risk age/health demographics. But we look forward to welcoming you to the team in better times, and also reconnecting to our wonderful volunteers who have been forced to stand back during this period. 


Thank you for your interest!

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