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New Report – Speaking Up, Speaking Out, Speaking With: Advocacy Challenges for Civil Society’s Work with Migrants in Vulnerable Situations

30th April 2020

There is a common perception that migrants who come to Australia ‘the right way’ are welcomed and integrated into an inclusive society through high quality settlement programs and, therefore, are not vulnerable.  Yet, if we scratch below the surface, there…

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Australian Catholics ask Prime Minister to ensure nobody is left behind in COVID-19 pandemic

29th April 2020

On 7th April 2020, an historic group of Australian Catholics – including a number of Australian Catholic Bishops; Catholic Religious Australia (CRA), the peak body for more than 5,000 members of Religious Orders; and the CEOs of several major Catholic…

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Employment and People Seeking Asylum during COVID-19 – a reflection from our JRS Employment Coordinator

29th April 2020

Empowered to Work : Employment and People Seeking Asylum during COVID-19: A reflection by Leonie Dyer, JRS Employment Coordinator for the Empowered to Work Program. I manage the Empowered to Work employment program at Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) Australia and…

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Emergency Cash Appeal – Help refugees and people seeking asylum during COVID-19

20th April 2020

JRS Australia continues serving people in need during COVID-19. Right now, many refugees and people seeking asylum need help to prevent homelessness and entering into new heights of destitution and hunger. For many people, JRS Australia is the only safety-net….

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NEWS RELEASE – UN Human Rights Office urges Asia-Pacific States to release detained migrants, suspend forced returns amid COVID-19 crisis

16th April 2020

Originally published on the 9 April 2020 by United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner: South East Asia Regional Office website. NEWS RELEASE. BANGKOK (9 April 2020) – Governments across the Asia-Pacific region must do everything they can…

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Public Statement: COVID-19 response must include everyone in our community, says Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) Australia

7th April 2020

Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) Australia calls on the Federal and State governments to extend a vital safety net to everyone living in the Australian community, regardless of their visa status, during the COVID-19 pandemic as a matter of urgency. In…

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Launch of the Foundations Housing Report and Calls to Action

5th April 2020

Somewhere along the line, with the increasing commodification of housing, and the unaffordable market in Sydney, we seem to have forgotten that housing, like education, is a human right. In NSW, there are an estimated 30,000 – 40,000 People seeking…

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