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protest treating refugees as the problem is the problem

Australian government to cut income support to people seeking asylum and we need your help

29th August 2017

The coalition has just announced cuts to income support for people seeking asylum in Australia. The people affected are the most vulnerable people we work with—people who have been transferred to Australia based on medical grounds from offshore detention on Nauru and Manus Island. It’s why we’re asking for your help.

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A family of refugees seeking asylum

JRS Celebrates Migrant and Refugee Sunday

28th August 2017

At the end of August, Catholic parishes across Australia came together to celebrate the contribution migrants and refugees. This celebration culminated with Migrant and Refugee Sunday, on 27 August 2017, and the launch of the Parramatta Diocesan strategy – “Walking with Refugees and People Seeking Protection.”

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Fr Bambang adressing the people at Journeys

An important visit from JRS International Director, Fr Tom Smolich SJ and JRS Asia Pacific Regional Director, Fr Bambang Sipayung SJ

28th August 2017

JRS Australia had the pleasure of hosting two JRS Directors over the last week, International Director, Fr Tom Smolich and Asia Pacific Regional Director, Fr Bambang Sipayung.

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Social work student doing case work with refugees and asylum seekers

Through complexity to understanding – Genevieve’s reflection as a Social Work Student on placement at JRS

17th August 2017

When I think back to my first couple weeks of placement at Jesuit Refugee Service as a Social Work student, I remember this overwhelming feeling of, “will I ever understand all of this?”

As with all good things however, it took time, experience and most importantly connection with people seeking asylum that helped me comprehend the magnitude and complexities of the work at JRS.

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asylum seeker and refugee children reaching for something together

How you helped people seeking asylum with your donation to our tax time appeal

16th August 2017

Thank you to everyone who supported JRS and the people we serve by donating to our latest tax time appeal.

Thanks to you, people seeking asylum like Kasim* will have access to the services they need while trying to lodge their protection applications by 1st October 2017.

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person holding an australian passport

JRS is urging for changes to proposed government crackdown on citizenship laws

10th August 2017

JRS is urging senators to consider a range of changes to the Turnbull government’s proposed crackdown on citizenship.

The proposed restrictions are not only harsh towards people who are acting on their legal right to seek protection, but might be in breech of international conventions.

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Bishop of Parramatta with staff from jesuit refugee service launching their social justice campaign to help refugees and people seeking asylum

Journey with Refugees and People Seeking Protection

5th August 2017

Supporters and friends of JRS are invited to attend the launch of a year long Journey, “Walking with Refugees and People Seeking Protection”, which is being initiated by the Parramatta Catholic Diocese.

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