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christmas island detention centre for people seeking asylum and refugees

Child seeking asylum awarded a government payout over trauma experienced in detention

28th April 2017

JRS Australia welcomes the settlement deal awarded by the immigration department to a nine-year-old-girl who was held in detention on Christmas Island.

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jesuit priest who dedicated his life to helping the people of Syria

Celebrating the life and work of Jesuit Priest ‘Abouna Frans’ who was tragically gunned down in Syria

20th April 2017

Just over three years ago, Jesuit priest Fr. Frans Van Der Lugt (known as Abouna Frans) was brutally gunned down in Homs after dedicating his life to serving the Syrian people. And while the people in Syria still face the devastation that war brings, because of people like Abouna Frans, their compassion, kindness and courage, not all is lost.

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Refugees flee for their lives

LINK Autumn 2017

20th April 2017

LINK Autumn Edition 2017

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Refugees fleeing their homes for safety

Refugee convoy attack in Syria reminds us why we need to come together and show our support for refugees

16th April 2017

At least 109 people are dead after a suicide attack on a refugee convoy outside Aleppo that occurred on Easter Saturday. It is thought at least 80 children are among those slaughtered in the attack.

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The violence in Syria is leading to more people being displaced and finding themselves refugees

An update on Syria and the escalating violence in the region

8th April 2017

There have been weeks of fresh violence in Syria with a suspected chemical attack in Idlib province, along with bomb explosions and shelling in Damascus.

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