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two teenage girls from Syria have found themselves as refugees making a home in a new land

Two teenage Syrian refugee girls find home in a new place

30th March 2017

Nada and Zakiya, two teenage Syrian refugee girls, share their stories of flight and finding a new home in Lebanon.

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school students listening to a refugee as part of JRS refugee voices program

School students hear the voices of refugees with the JRS voices program

24th March 2017

We’re seeing the biggest migration crisis since WWII, and yet, it’s not the voices of those being forced to flee their homes we hear, but the voices of the powerful. At JRS we believe this needs to change and that’s why we’ve teamed up with Refugee Council of Australia to create the JRS Voices Program.

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Food bank after a big grocerty shop by asylum seekers

Why you should become a food bank partner

18th March 2017

Our foodbank provides much needed fresh food and groceries to over 250 individuals and families every month.

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JRS receives stronger communities grant from Parramatta council for a refugee employment project

JRS awarded the stronger communities grant for employment support project

8th March 2017

JRS has been awarded $49,873.00 by the City of Parramatta as part of their Stronger Community Fund Grants program. The funding will support the “Connect to Work” employment support program for people seeking asylum.

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