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Why stopping the boats does not solve the problem

28th July 2016

Austria’s foreign minister recently suggested that people seeking asylum in Europe should not be allowed to enter the continent, but should be held on offshore islands instead. Sebastian Kurz said that the principles of the “Australian model” should be applied to Europe, and went as far as to suggest that people who entered Europe “illegally” should lose their right to apply for asylum.

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Community responds to JRS’ winter clothing appeal

20th July 2016

Over 300 asylum seekers living in Western Sydney benefited from JRS’ second annual Winter Clothing Bazaar recently. Hundreds of donated items were delivered in the days leading up to the bazaar, highlighting the fact that many people in the community are concerned about the welfare of those seeking asylum.

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An equal balance of mind and soul

19th July 2016

I began my placement at the Jesuit Refugee Service in April 2016 by hiding behind a computer screen and trying to learn everything I needed to know about asylum seekers living in the Australian community.

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Jesuit Refugee Service International presents its 2015 Annual Report

11th July 2016

In 2015, the Jesuit Refugee Service reaffirmed its commitment to education with the Global Education Initiative and the launch of the Mercy in Motion campaign. Last year, JRS served 724,551 people, 141,333 through education projects. Recognising education is a concrete and durable solution to build more resilient communities, JRS aims to increase this number by 100,000 people by 2020.

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JRS awarded community grant to help build resilient, vibrant and healthy communities in the Parramatta LGA

7th July 2016

The City of Parramatta has awarded Jesuit Refugee Service Australia with a community grant at a ceremony on Wednesday 29 June, 2016. The grant will be used by JRS to provide employment training and English language classes to people seeking asylum who are living in the Parramatta Local Government Area (LGA) in order that they may become self-sufficient, connected, and productive members of the local community…

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