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A Crisis and a Challenge

21st October 2015

Words and phrases matter a lot in the refugee crisis that has roiled Europe and the Middle East, according to Boston College faculty members.

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JRS appoints new International Director

14th October 2015

“I’m deeply honored and grateful that Fr General would ask me to do this because JRS really speaks to the heart of Jesuit identity and our Jesuit mission. It’s going where the need is greatest,” As president of the Jesuit…

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Melbourne medicos bring detained children into the light

13th October 2015

When the government introduced Operation Sovereign Borders in 2013, one of the key planks of the policy was secrecy. To ensure the success of the new bipartisan policy of inhumanity, it was seen as important that no-one could put faces and stories to those on the receiving end — and thereby realise the horror and illegality behind what was being perpetrated, or feel empathy for the victims.

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A journey in search of hope

7th October 2015

My name is Keyhan. I am a Hazara refugee from Afghanistan now living in Australia. Before I came here, I was in Indonesia for about three years and spent my time in several places. Places that I will never forget.

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