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Unauthorised maritime arrivals don’t have names

26th November 2014

Bad laws make people suffer. That truth lies at the heart of the migration law changes proposed by the Government, which wait to be passed by the Senate.

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Australia: shutting the door in the face of a global humanitarian crisis

21st November 2014

Australia’s ‘fortress’ mentality of shutting the door in the face of increased humanitarian suffering is heartbreaking, cynical and out of touch with reality, says JRS International.

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Coalition calls for immediate release of children in detention

12th November 2014

There is evidence that concludes children are being psychologically damaged in detention. On the 25th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Australian Coalition to End Immigration Detention of Children is calling on the Australian…

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Growing from the rooftops

10th November 2014

A rooftop garden is all set to flourish in Sydney’s inner city, and the fruits of volunteers’ labour will in turn be used to nourish disadvantaged members of the local community.

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JRS announces expansion at Cup Luncheon

7th November 2014

Jesuit Refugee Service has announced at its annual Melbourne Cup Luncheon fundraiser that it will expand its Shelter Project into western Sydney – an area that is home to Australia’s most destitute asylum seeker population.

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Report highlights Australia’s policy flaws: JRS

6th November 2014

A new report highlights the flaws within Australia’s punitive refugee policy, says JRS

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