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Minister Scott Morrison

Budget makes asylum seeker vilification official

20th May 2014

The term ‘illegal’ is vilifying and dehumanising

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Statement by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference on Asylum Seekers

9th May 2014

The Australian Catholic Bishops call on parliamentarians of all parties to turn away from these policies, which shame Australia and to take the path of a realistic compassion that deals with both human need and electoral pressure.

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People seeking refuge in Australia may be resettled in Cambodia

8th May 2014

Given that Australia has a clear capacity to integrate those who seek its protection in Australia, it is an improper use of resettlement to devolve that responsibility to yet another country.

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JRS to work with refugees in Nauru

1st May 2014

JRS is exploring ways of supporting refugees sent to Nauru and Manus Island.

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