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Anne Porter

Giving Something Back

21st June 2011

It was half a lifetime spent abroad which gave Anne Porter the impetus to take up the cause on behalf of refugees as a volunteer with Jesuit Refugee Service, a role in which she relishes helping to dispel some of…

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Australia: 'Like a fish out of water, dying every moment,' life in detention

Australia: ‘Like a fish out of water, dying every moment,’ life in detention

20th June 2011

I thought Australia would care about us and we would be able to live a peaceful life without discrimination, but it has not happened. Australia, 20 June, 2011 – Jaffa has been detained in one of Australia’s Immigration Detention Centres…

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Australia: Fear of ‘other’ reflected on refugees

17th June 2011

“in fact the first boats to arrive on Australian shores did indeed bring foreign interlopers…” Sydney, 15 June 2011 – I was watching the May 9th edition of ABC’s Q&A television program when, during a discussion about the Australian government’s proposal to…

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Australia: Why we are here - one detainee's poem

Australia: Why we are here – one detainee’s poem

16th June 2011

“We came here just because of fighting… many immigration officials think that we came here for food and for fun. It is totally wrong” Sydney, 16 June 2011 – Dunia loves to write. Dunia in Arabic and Indonesia means “World”….

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